Here are the major protections and services, depending on the membership level you choose.

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As a member, you will receive a regular email newsletter with information about your membership, self defense, and how to responsibly and legally exercise your right to self defense.

On our website, we’ll provide you with access to a wide variety of news and information about firearms, accessories, training, legal and political issues, real-life stories of self defense, and more from citizens and experts alike.

Learn the details on the legal use of lethal force in defense of yourself and others. You will discover what you can and can’t do within the law and understand how the legal system responds to the use of weapons.

On your own time and at your own pace, you can watch a series of in-depth videos that demonstrate the proper use of firearms for self defense, including safety rules, how to carry concealed, vehicle carry, cleaning and maintenance, and other key topics.

The member area of the website provides instant access to detailed information on calling 911, surviving the legal aftermath of self defense, federal and state gun laws, recommended books on firearms and self defense, links to informative websites, and more.

If you find yourself in a life-or-death situation, you must defend yourself to survive. Afterward, you should make two calls. Your first call should be to 911 to bring police and a medical team to the scene. Your second call should be to Second Call Defense. This hotline is manned day and night, 7 days a week, including holidays, to provide assistance when you need it most.

After a self-defense shooting, you’ll face many challenges, have lots of questions, and will need to cope with uncertainty and many concerns as the reality of your situation sinks in. So, we’ll provide a Personal Crisis Manager who will help you access all your membership services and provide assistance from the time you pull the trigger to the time when your membership services end.

We give you access to a network of highly qualified, pre-screened defense attorneys throughout the U.S. Each is a highly respected and experienced defense lawyer who is ready to defend you against legal charges. Not only can you choose from the pre-screened attorneys we provide, but all Second Call Defense Members can ask Second Call Defense to retain any attorney they choose for their criminal proceedings. Upon request, Second Call Defense will speak with any attorney you choose, to make sure that they are the best fit, with the best capabilities for your situation, and educate them regarding the Second Call Defense program.

While some organizations maintain a small list of “approved” attorneys with special agreements you may never see, Second Call Defense believes that members are best served by having unlimited access to any qualified defense attorney. That is why we have no special arrangements with any attorney. We use a variety of legal resources to rapidly locate the best attorney in the area where the incident happens; who is willing and able to take your case; and who is familiar with the local legal system, including judges and prosecutors. It is this local connection that can make a big difference in the management of your case.

In all cases, your attorney is YOUR attorney. While we will refer you to legal counsel within 24 hours, the ultimate choice of who you work with is yours and yours alone. You may work with an attorney we suggest, find one on your own, or work with an attorney you already know.

While you’re able to reach us immediately through the Emergency Legal Hotline, and while we provide a Personal Crisis Manager, you’re still likely to need assistance from family and friends after the incident. Therefore, if you desire this added service, we ask you to specify one or more Emergency Contacts whom we will notify immediately if you’re ever involved in a self defense shooting. It’s just one more part of the Rapid Response Team that will be ready for you when you need it.

If your case goes to trial, you’ll need to show that you acted reasonably, responsibly, and legally in using lethal force for self defense. Unfortunately, most jurors know very little about firearms, defensive tactics, physiological responses, and other factors that can play into your situation. So, we stand ready to arrange for experts to testify in your defense. We’ll work with your attorney to make sure you have the testimony you need to explain the truth to the jury so they can make an informed decision in your case.

According to the law, your personal property, including the firearms, should be returned after a not guilty verdict or your case has been dismissed or no billed. However, in practice, authorities often refuse to return firearms, sometimes ordering them destroyed. Sometimes, you must go through a legal process that will cost you more than the value of the gun. If you have difficulty retrieving your firearm after a case, we’ll work to get it back or, if all else fails, reimburse you up to the available limits of your membership so that you may purchase a new one of the same make and model or one of similar value.

Your use of self defense not only affects you legally and financially, it can create deep psychological scars as well. Being forced to use a weapon in self defense against another person, no matter how justifiable, can burden you emotionally for years. Depending on your membership level, Second Call Defense provides up to a total of 40 one-hour sessions for you and/or your family with a counselor of your choice to help you find peace and move on with your life.

In most cases, our standard set of services include everything you’ll need to protect yourself legally and financially if you’re forced to defend yourself with a firearm or any legal weapon. However, when the unexpected happens and the “stuff” hits the fan or the situation gets out of control, one of our representatives or attorneys may travel to your location to render any needed assistance. When we say we have your back, we mean it!

Bail is a deposit, sometimes a substantial amount of money, meant to assure that you don’t leave town and will show up for trial. Generally, you don’t have to pay in full if you can put up 10% of the total bond amount. Remember the precentage of money you pay to secure a bond is nonrefundable, that money is never returned. Depending on your membership level, Second Call Defense provides funds up to $25,000 for a bond up to $250,000. This allows you to assist your attorney in preparing a defense and allows you to continue with a “normal life” during what could be many months of pending litigation.

Good attorneys don’t take on clients without getting a retainer in advance, which often is many thousands of dollars. That’s why your Second Call Defense membership includes immediate retainer money up to $10,000 that can be wired to the attorney you choose. This assures you’ll have representation quickly so you don’t give up your rights or say something that might be used against you in a court of law.

Self-defense with a gun or any weapon is not pleasant or pretty. You can be left with a horrible aftermath in your home, including stains and biological hazards. If your homeowner policy doesn’t cover this, we provide funds up to $2,000 for clean-up that will remove these terrible reminders of your encounter and help you and your family put your home and lives back in order.

What happens to your income if you’re taken to court? Not every employer is sympathetic to employees who own or use weapons in self defense. So, you could find yourself unable to buy groceries, pay your electric bill, or keep up with your mortgage. Depending on your membership level, Second Call Defense provides up to $500 in compensation for each day you spend in court for lost wages so you can pay your bills and not feel pressured by prosecutors to abandon your defense before your lawyer can fully defend you.

If a case goes to trial, it can trigger a wide variety of costs, such as court filings, subpoenas, expert witnesses, scientific defense studies, and a private investigator. As a member of Second Call Defense, all necessary and reasonable costs associated with your case will be covered up to the listed amounts for your level of membership.

Legal fees required to successfully defend you in a criminal case can be overwhelming. As a member of Second Call Defense you’ll have access to as much as $100,000 for legal fees to defend against conviction or feeling pressured to make a “deal” with the prosecution simply because you can’t afford a good defense. Unlike other organizations that make you pay out-of-pocket and (maybe) reimburse you later, with Second Call Defense you have NO OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS. Funds are paid upfront directly to your attorney when needed. There is NO reimbursement and NOTHING to repay regardless of the outcome of your case.

An accidental discharge can also trigger a financially devastating civil lawsuit. Depending on your membership level, you get protection against civil liability suits up to $250,000 for bodily injury or property damage you unintentionally cause with a firearm when you become legally obligated for such damages.

After you successfully defend yourself against criminal charges, you can still be sued in civil court. Because the burden of proof in a civil case is much lower than the burden of proof in a criminal case, you could still be found liable for thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. This is the most serious financial threat you face, which is why at every membership level above “Basic,” SCD will provide for legal defense costs in a civil matter. This helps you protect yourself from a predatory civil case that seeks to destroy you financially. And it helps you standup to an aggressive plaintiff’s attorney who wants to pressure you to settle.

While we provide you with civil suit defense protection, there’s always the chance that you could be found liable by a jury sympathetic to your assailant or the assailant’s family. Depending on your membership level, you’ll have access to as much as $250,000 for damages to help you avoid the devastating consequences.