Insults and Challenges

Insults and Challenges - 5 Tips for Effective Verbalization During a Violent Encounter

by Greg Ellifritz

The news story I read wasn’t all that remarkable. It described something that happens every day with unfortunate regularity. An armed robber shot one of his victims.

This particular story, however, yielded a worthwhile learning point. The robber walked into a store and fired a couple of shots from a rifle into the ceiling before demanding cash. The victim (a store manager) complied.

Weapon Accessories

Top Home Defense Weapon Accessories or Add-Ons

Opinion: Gunsmith, Michael Ware gives us his rundown of the top home defense weapon features you should consider with your weapon choice.

I build and customize a lot of home defense weapons. Most are firearms, but I've been commissioned for just about every kind of small arm you can think of. I have a lot of people that come in wanting the down and dirty list of things I recommend they buy for that ‘bedside defender'. Many customers leave shocked that I’m not a ‘gear snob’ like so many out there.

Citizens Stop Mass Murder

Armed Citizens Stop Mass Murder- citizens save lives before the police arrive

by Rob Morse

Guns save lives. You wouldn’t know that from reading your newspapers or watching TV. If you only get your news from the mass media and popular entertainment, then you might think civilian gun ownership cost lives. Here is the important news you didn’t see. I showed you that guns save lives, but I’m going to go a step further.

Armed civilians stop mass murder.

Move to Stay Alive

Handgun Self-Defense: Move to Stay Alive

by W.H. "Chip" Gross

If you ever become involved in a self-defense situation, it will likely occur suddenly, unexpectedly, and could turn very violent very quickly. And if you feel threatened to the point that you choose to draw your concealed handgun, remember that it’s now a gunfight, not target shooting.

Cold Weather Carry

Cold Weather Concealed Carry Tips

It's time to get your furnace ready for the winter months, and also time to get yourself ready for winter concealed carry.

That means rethinking how you draw from concealment. On cold winter days, you could be dealing with base layers, a heavy shirt, bulky jacket, and underneath it all your concealed gun.

Imagine digging for your firearm under all those layers, searching for the thing you need most, at a time when you need it fast.

Here's how I imagine it happening for me …

Firearm Accidents

Do We Want Fewer Firearms Accidents in the USA or More?

by Rob Morse

I want to make us safer and we might have more firearms accidents than we have today. I put that shocking statement in front of you rather than stand accused of it later. You might think that fewer guns would make us safer. The more I learn, the more I doubt that approach.

Gun Friendly Doctors Connects Patients with Gun-Friendly Providers

Patients want to trust their provider to not make mistakes and to not lie to them. Unfortunately, when it comes to guns, medical organizations have not been living up to that expectation. Medical associations have been insinuating an anti-gun political agenda into the patient-doctor relationship for decades. Patients are routinely being asked about gun ownership. Worse, many physicians commit boundary violations by pressing anti-gun messages on patients.

Active Killer Options

Active Killer Response Options for Armed Citizens

by Greg Ellifritz

I've been thinking a lot lately about active killer events. I'm convinced that it is getting incrementally more and more dangerous to intervene in such an attack. A study came out last week stating that 8% of Americans have a CCW permit/license. Unlicensed concealed carry is also completely legal in 16 states. Those residents can carry without getting a permit.

Carry in a Store

How to react if approached about carrying a firearm in a store

by Sean Maloney

Because of the recent murders committed in Texas and Ohio, and the resulting knee-jerk reactions, more and more stores that we regularly patronize are now banning open carry, and sometimes concealed carry, of firearms inside their retail establishments.