If you own a gun, YOU need the comprehensive protection of Second Call Defense!

No one ever expects to find themselves in a self defense situation. It always happens when you least expect it. Then a few seconds later, it's all over and you're faced with the possibility of criminal charges, large financial damages, and expensive legal defense.

If you own a gun, you need to know how to defend yourself effectively, comply with the law, and deal with the aftermath of a shooting.

Who can benefit from membership in Second Call Defense?

Gun Owners
Any firearm can be used for self defense, which is why your Second Call Defense membership covers the use of all legally owned handguns, rifles, and shotguns of any make, model, or caliber.

Concealed Carry Licensees
If you've made the decision to carry a firearm, you have accepted the responsibility for your own personal protection. But your responsibility doesn't end there. You should also plan for the reality you may face in the aftermath of a self defense shooting. A CCW license is not required for membership, though we encourage you to get a license (if your state requires it) so you can carry concealed legally and responsibly outside your home.

Open Carry Advocates
If you open carry, you face the same responsibilities as those who carry concealed. You take self defense seriously, so you should also take legal defense seriously. A gun can protect you from someone who attacks you physically, but it won't protect you from someone who attacks you legally or financially.

Off-Duty Law Enforcement and Security
If you carry a firearm on the job, you probably have legal protection available through your union or department. But that protection may not extend to your personal time. That's why membership in Second Call Defense includes "off-duty" protection for police, security, and anyone who carries a firearm as a job requirement.

Non-Deployed Military
Those who serve in the armed forces often choose to own or carry firearms when they return home. So just as we extend protection to off-duty law enforcement and security, we are also honored to offer the brave men and women who defend America the same protection.

Armed Teachers
In response to school shootings, many Boards of Education have begun authorizing educators to carry at school and be the first line of defense for our children. Second Call Defense can provide the liability protection often required in these situations. 

Shooters, Plinkers, Competitors
Second Call Defense includes protection for accidental discharges which can happen anytime you're shooting or handling firearms. This includes any injuries or property damage you unintentionally cause with a firearm.

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