Here are resources to help you promote and sell memberships in Second Call Defense

If you have questions or feedback on these items, or if you have ideas for resources you would like to have, contact Dean Rieck at

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Trackable Links

You can put links on your website or in your emails. To track sales resulting from these links, you must use a special link that includes your recruiter ID#. Copy the master link code below and replace XXXXX with your 5-digit ID#. Back to Resource List.

Master Link Code:

Buckeye Firearms Association has been assigned ID# 20007. So their trackable link is

Alternate Links:
The master link takes to you the home page of Second Call Defense. However, you can also build links for other content on the site, including blog posts. Simply add ?affiliate=XXXXX to the end of the link for any page where XXXXX is your 5-digit ID#.

The link for the page called "Plans & Pricing" is To create a link that leads to this page you would add ?affiliate=XXXXX to the end of the page link. So the link would be

NOTE: Please do NOT simply paste your trackable links into your website pages as they appear above. This will look strange to readers and will discourage them from clicking. Instead, use "text links" so that they appear as ordinary words. Your trackable link should be in the "code" of the page. The following are examples, but you can use your trackable links to make any words clickable:

Second Call Defense
Join Second Call Defense today.
I recommend you sign up for this self defense protection plan.

If you don't understand these directions, please get help from the person who created or manages your website.

Banner Ads

Second Call Defense Banner AdWe have created online banners in a variety of common sizes. The sample banner shown is 300 x 250 pixels. Back to Resource List.

Download the banners you want below and use your trackable link to make your banners clickable to the Second Call Defense website.

Click the sample banner on the right. Notice how it launches a new window and takes you to the home page of our website. Look at the address bar at the top of your browser and you will see the trackable link used by Buckeye Firearms Association.

NOTE: If you don't know how to "code" this correctly, please get help from the person who created or manages your website.

125 x 125
160 x 600
180 x 150
300 x 250
468 x 60
728 x 90
Facebook 400 x 208

Vinyl Banner

Here's a design you can have printed on a 2' x 6' vinyl banner for gun shows, your classroom, etc. It includes a 1" "bleed" on the edges, so the full size of the image is 26" x 74". Back to Resource List.

Download PDF
OPTION: Have it professionally printed and shipped to you.


Business Card

This is a template in a Word format for a standard 2" x 3.5" business card that you can personalize with your name, Recruiter ID#, phone, and email address. Download, open in Microsof Word, make your changes, and save in whatever format your printer prefers. Back to Resource List.

Download Word Document Template
OPTION: Have them professionally printed and shipped to you.

Business Card