Personal Safety

Personal Safety: 7 Ways to Diminish Your Chance of Being a Victim

by Michelle Cerino

Over the years I've attended several courses and read many books and articles about personal safety. Offered here are 7 key aspects to increase your safety, no matter where you are.

1. Awareness

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

by Drew Beatty

How aware are you of your surroundings as you carry concealed? We carry concealed so that we can respond appropriately should a life or death encounter become unavoidable. If an attack happens without you being aware that it is developing, you are seriously behind the curve. How can you make sure you have appropriate situational awareness at all times?

Fitting a Firearm

A Fitting Solution: What Makes A Firearm Right For You

Keith Coniglio

Modern materials and design have allowed a lot of firepower to be jammed into a very diminutive package. In fact, manufacturers seem to be in constant competition to develop the most compact, lightweight pocket rocket to corner the concealed carry market.

Not Ready for CCW

Not Quite Ready to Carry Concealed

by Rob Morse

Many people don’t carry a firearm every day even though they have their concealed carry license. Are you one of them?

There is a world of difference between the theory of armed self-defense and the practice. Here are small steps that make carrying concealed feel comfortable.

Keep & Bear Memories

To Keep and Bear Memories

by Keith Coniglio

Given the current state of our nation, it's easy to fixate solely on the practical and political aspects of our Second Amendment. But I'd like you to take a moment to consider another facet; something deeper, more fundamental, and frankly more important.

Several weeks ago, I took my seven-year-old son to the range for some practice with his .22 rifle. As we left, we ran into another family unit - a boy and a girl about my son's age, their father, and his father - coming in for an afternoon of plinking.

Practice Time

Making The Most Of Practice Time

by Drew Beatty

I attempt to get to the shooting range regularly - at least twice a month. With limited time and ever-increasing ammunition costs, I've made the decision to maximize my practice time in an attempt to get the most value and benefit possible from the limited opportunities available.

We all have busy lives, but we know we need to stay sharp on our firearms skills. When there is only limited practice time available, what are the best skills to practice?

Planning for Failure

Planning for Failure

By Keith Coniglio

There's a tendency in the human psyche to seek safety in the perfect answer, the magic talisman, and the "right thing" that will be foolproof and fail proof. In the world of concealed carry, that usually leads to a great deal of research to identify the most reliable gun, the best-performing ammunition, and the most widely accepted training practices for our defensive shooting skills.

Gun Culture

The Myth of the Monolithic Gun Culture

Keith Coniglio

It would be nice to think that we gun owners are a culture - that we share certain core values; that we can be counted upon to support each other; that our motives and actions would be universally understood among "our kind."

Guns & Kids

Guns & Kids: Should you be armed around children?

by Rob Morse

A young couple needed a break. I’d agreed to babysit their children in my home. Observing the room, most of the things I wanted to keep intact were above munchkin height.

I’d watched these two children before and I love them, but there are complications. I carry a concealed firearm all the time. Now, I had second thoughts. With the kids under foot, should I carry the gun or put it away? What if the children bumped into the gun or noticed my gun and asked about it? What should I do?

Deciding to Carry

Making the Decision to Carry a Concealed Handgun

Drew Beatty

Like most of you reading this, I made the decision to carry a firearm after a long period of contemplation and forethought. Owning and carrying a firearm for personal protection is not a light decision. No one in my family while growing up even considered carrying, partly because it wasn’t a right that was as easily exercised then and partly ... well ... because they never even thought about it.