Don't Talk After Shooting

10 other people you shouldn't talk to after a self defense shooting

If you know anything at all about the legal perils of defending yourself with a gun, you know that you should never speak at length to a 911 operator or responding police.

Why? Because the physical and emotional trauma of defending your life can give you diarrhea of the mouth. And in the minutes and hours after a shooting, you could say things that a prosecutor could decide to use against you in a criminal trial.

Zimmerman Lessons

7 critical lessons from America's most notorious gun owner

No matter what you might think of George Zimmerman or whether he was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin on that rainy February night in 2012, one thing is certain: it's a self defense case that has taught us all a lot about what not to do.

Here are 7 critical lessons for anyone who owns or carries a gun.

Improve Handgun Skills

7 ways to improve your self defense handgun skills

While there should never be a training requirement to exercise your Second Amendment right, training is nevertheless a good idea.

First, knowing how to use a firearm safely and effectively will pay off if you're ever in a situation where your life depends on your shooting skill. Second, the more training you have, the more likely you are to avoid mistakes that could lead to legal troubles.

Stand Your Ground

Do you understand Stand Your Ground laws? Are you sure?

The George Zimmerman trial brought considerable attention to "Stand Your Ground" laws in many states, even though Zimmerman did not use this in his defense. It also revealed the widespread misunderstanding about these laws.

Travel Safety

Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest holidays of the year and often means long road trips to visit family and friends.

If you'll be hitting the road soon, follow these tips to be prepared and stay safe:

Plan your trip.
Having a GPS can make you lazy about planning. Always bring a "real" map just in case and have a list of addresses and phone numbers for your destinations.

Violent Crime Stages

The 5 Stages of Violent Crime

Most people see violence as a random event. But actually, violent acts, and crimes in general, follow a fairly regular process.

Since the ultimate form of self defense is avoiding a fight altogether, understanding the crime process and spotting the signs of potential violence can help you stay safe.

There are different ways to describe the process of violent crime, but one of the most popular was developed by Marc MacYoung. It is used by the police and military as well as firearm and self defense instructors.

Gun Seizure

Expect your gun to be seized - and NOT returned to you

When counseling our members on how to prepare for the aftermath of self defense, we tell them to expect certain things:

Expect the police to treat you like a criminal.
Expect to be handcuffed.
Expect to be questioned at length.
Expect to have your words examined in detail.
Expect to be taken to jail.

Harold Fish

Will you be the next Harold Fish?

If you think that law-abiding people like you can't go to jail for using a gun in self defense, consider the tragic story of Harold Fish.

Fish was a 57-year-old retired high school teacher in Arizona with a wife, seven children, a clean record, and a license to carry a concealed weapon.

While on an all-day hike on Pine Canyon Trail, Fish crossed paths with a stranger. Here's how he described it in an interview with NBC correspondent John Larson:

Gun Rights

Gun Rights Are About More Than Guns

​by Dean Rieck

When proponents of gun control listen to the arguments made by proponents of gun rights, all they hear is "guns." That's what they think it's all about - guns, guns, and more guns. And they couldn't be more wrong.

That's the frustrating part about this particular policy debate. Gun control activists are so focused on guns, they can't see past the hardware. They're so afraid of pistols, they can't fathom why people own them. They're so confounded by rifles, they don't understand why hunters love them.