Clearing Malfunctions

Clearing semi-auto handgun malfunctions

by Michelle Cerino

If you’ve shot a semi-auto handgun more than just a couple of times, it’s happened to you. Malfunctions are the bane of self-loading firearms. There are many causes of semi-auto handgun malfunctions; common ones include poor technique by the shooter, mechanical problems, ammunition, dirt, improper lubrication, weak springs and magazines. With so many potential failures facing us, it’s important to know how to get our pistols quickly back in the game.

Pocket Carry 3

Pocket Carry Part 3: Avoiding the Fine Print(ing)

by Keith Coniglio

You can't predict or mitigate every scenario for discovery when pocket carrying, but there are some simple steps you can take to minimize your risk:

Pocket Carry 2

Pocket Carry Part 2: Leaving a Bad Impression

by Keith Coniglio

You may have the impression that a diminutive pistol in a quality pocket holster frees you from being mindful of your wardrobe and activity choices - that pocket carry is an alternative to "dressing around the gun" for concealment. If so, you might want to sit down, because it's not good news. Underestimating the human power of observation (even when employed subconsciously) is a tremendous mistake.

Pocket Carry 1

Pocket Carry Part 1: Why Pocket Carry?

by Keith Coniglio

With advances in both modern materials and design, concealed carriers now have the viable option of carrying a duty-sized caliber in a "mousegun"-sized package, and many citizens are choosing pocket carry for these diminutive defensive tools. However, there are valid safety and reliability concerns with this method of CCW. So ... why choose pocket carry?

Spare Magazines

Just in Case: The Rationale of Spare Magazines

by Keith Coniglio

Whether it's because of the inconvenience of yet another item to carry (and conceal), or the old saw, "if I can't get it done in [insert an arbitrary number of rounds here], more probably won't help," many gun owners who carry a defensive firearm "just in case" deride fellow CCW holders who choose to carry one or even two spare magazines ... "just in case."

CCW Reading List

3 Essential Books on Concealed Carry

by Drew Beatty

Part of the arsenal of any lawfully-armed citizen should be a library of books to enhance mindset, tactics and skills. Books written by authors who have been there, have trained others, or are subject matter experts provide the best education. Below are three books I recommend to help the lawfully-armed citizen stay sharp.

Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self-Defense - Massad Ayoob

Gun Safety & Kids

Gun Safety at Home - Make Your Kids Part of the Solution

You've probably heard stories like this from time to time: Some children are playing inside. They start snooping around the house and find a gun on the top shelf of a bedroom closet. One thing leads to another and *bang* one of the kids pulls the trigger and his friend gets shot.

Who's at fault is a legal question. But the question of who's "responsible" is clear. The gun owner, in this case the adult home owner, is responsible for making sure that his guns are not misused.

Home Intruder Sues

Home Intruder Sues Man Who Shot Him?

This is the sort of thing we warn people about. It sounds too incredible to be true, but this is proof that it happens.

Here's a story reported by CBS Affiliate KPIX 5 in San Francisco about a man who shoots a home intruder then gets hit with a civil lawsuit from the guy he shot.

Note: You'll have to sit through an advertisement before the news video begins.

Involuntary Trigger Squeeze

Beware the Involuntary Trigger Squeeze

You've probably read a story or two similar to this over the years ...

A police officer confronts a violent criminal. He pulls his gun and aims it at the suspect, ordering him to turn around and place his hands on his head. The suspect complies, but seconds later, the gun goes off and the suspect is shot in the back, killing him.

The officer claims it was an accident, but a prosecutor claims it was a cold-blooded execution. The officer is convicted for murder and the city is sued for millions of dollars.

Lethal Force Law

Lethal Force and the Law at the Great American Outdoor Show

by Kelly Young

Republished from American Rifleman.

Every 13 seconds in the United States a firearm is used in self-defense. And every time a firearm is used in self-defense, even just the brandishing of it, there will be an investigation.