Church Shooting Take-Away

Situational Awareness Skills: Texas Church Shooting Take-Away

by Michelle Cerino

Sadly, as 2019 was coming to a close, another church shooting occurred in the US. More often than not, these horrifying events are reported from eyewitness accounts, not giving us much of a learning tool. However, because of live-streaming capabilities, the recent Texas church shooting came front and center in the world’s living rooms. The video offers us the opportunity to review what happened and perhaps better develop our situational awareness skills and training practices.


Growing the Second Amendment Community Through Gaming

The future of the Second Amendment depends on changing hearts and minds in America and bringing more people to gun ownership and the shooting sports.

When asked how we do that, most people suggest youth programs at shooting ranges. But as great as these programs are, statistics show that they may not have the lasting impact we would like without support from a young person's circle of friends.

So what do we do?

Talking Church Security

Pastor, We Have to Talk About Our Family

by Rob Morse

A murderer walked into a Texas church. That was neither the first time, nor will it be the last time that evil men and women want to kill our brothers and sisters at church. Unfortunately, the leaders of our religious bodies are reluctant to face the issue of church security. That is true in every faith I’ve examined. Your pastor, minister, priest or rabbi all face a common problem. We live in a time of religious competition where parishioners will go somewhere else if the pastor demands too much of them.

Citizens Stop Murderer

Armed Citizens Stop Murderer After Gun Control Fails at Texas Church

by Rob Morse

An armed murderer entered a Texas church last week. Armed parishioners stopped him in seconds and saved hundreds of lives. Some anti-rights politicians didn’t like that public demonstration of self-defense. These politicians, and some Hollywood celebrities, called for more gun control. We know that self-defense worked, but I was shocked at how badly gun-control failed to keep us safe. Let’s look at the record.

Holiday Safety Tips

5 Simple Holiday Safety Tips

by Sean Maloney

As you travel over the holidays, don't forget that criminals don't take a holiday. In fact, they view the holiday season as their busy time of year. With your mind on so many tasks, and the feeling of joy that comes with the holiday season, it's easy to let your guard down and slip into "condition white" of mental preparedness.

Weapon Accessories

Top Home Defense Weapon Accessories or Add-Ons

Opinion: Gunsmith, Michael Ware gives us his rundown of the top home defense weapon features you should consider with your weapon choice.

I build and customize a lot of home defense weapons. Most are firearms, but I've been commissioned for just about every kind of small arm you can think of. I have a lot of people that come in wanting the down and dirty list of things I recommend they buy for that ‘bedside defender'. Many customers leave shocked that I’m not a ‘gear snob’ like so many out there.

Citizens Stop Mass Murder

Armed Citizens Stop Mass Murder- citizens save lives before the police arrive

by Rob Morse

Guns save lives. You wouldn’t know that from reading your newspapers or watching TV. If you only get your news from the mass media and popular entertainment, then you might think civilian gun ownership cost lives. Here is the important news you didn’t see. I showed you that guns save lives, but I’m going to go a step further.

Armed civilians stop mass murder.