Spot Concealed Gun

How to spot a concealed handgun

Self defense in modern society is about far more than carrying a gun, it's also about developing situational awareness. This means knowing where you are and what's going on around you at all times.

One vital element of situational awareness seldom taught in concealed carry classes is how to spot a concealed handgun. Just as you hope to have the element of surprise if you find yourself in a life-threatening situation, you want to avoid being surprised by an armed attacker.

After Shooting Tips

10 things you should NEVER do after a self defense shooting

When it comes to armed self defense, it's usually not the shooting itself that trips you up legally. More often than not, it's what you do afterward that gets you in hot water.

Here are 10 things you should avoid after using your gun in self defense. Never ...

Choosing a Handgun

How to choose a defensive handgun

Selecting a handgun for home defense or concealed carry can be a daunting task for many people.

Revolver or semi-auto? Which caliber? Which make and model? What ammo capacity? There are many considerations. It can easily become overwhelming and result in "analysis paralysis."

Here's a video that gives you a simple overview of handgun choices and how to narrow down your choice to the firearm that's right for you.

4-Square Breathing

Use "4-square breathing" to calm down after a shooting

Surviving a life-or-death encounter is the most intense emotional experience you will ever have. The physical effects are well documented.

Your body will release a massive dose of adrenaline to give you the strength to fight and survive. But like any chemical, it also has negative side effects, including time distortion, tunnel vision, hearing loss, and emotional detachment.

Win a Gun

Win this Springfield .45!

NOTE: This gun giveaway ended in late 2013.

The trend for small guns in serious calibers continues. One of the niftiest new handguns in this category is the Springfield XD-S Single Stack .45ACP.

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Recruiter Training

Firearm instructors train to become Certified Recruiters

Since we first got the idea to create Second Call Defense, we knew firearm instructors, especially those teaching CCW classes, would be a vital part of our organization.

So we've been inviting instructors to attend training sessions around Ohio for a couple months now. The response has been amazing.

After Shooting

5 Things to Do After a Shooting

What you say or do after a self defense shooting can mean the different between freedom and imprisonment.

Here is Massad Ayoob explaining what he teaches his students to do immediately after defending their life with a firearm.


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