Indicted for Murder

You can be indicted for murder even if deadly force is justified

It's surprising how naive some gun owners are about what can happen after they use a gun in self defense.

Again and again, we hear people say that they have a "right" to defend themselves and that the "law says" they can shoot someone if their life is at stake. So they think "why should I worry about legal consequences?"

Recruiter at Bass Pro

Recruiter sets up booth at Bass Pro Shop

We have recruiters in all 50 states to spread the word about Second Call Defense and make people aware of the legal and financial risks of using a firearm to defend yourself.

Many of our recruiters also sign up members for gun rights organizations, so they can do "double duty" when they're talking to people.

Wrong Gunfight

Are you training for the wrong gunfight?

The holy grail of firearms trainers and students has been to know what really happens in an armed citizen gunfight. Not in a law enforcement gunfight nor a military encounter, but in legal defensive gun uses by CCW holders.

Shots Justifiable

In self defense, how many shots are justifiable?

If you've been following the story about the shooting in Ferguson, MO, you may have noticed a familiar pattern.

While the general public knows very little about the reality of violence or the use of lethal force, that doesn't stop people from having strong opinions anytime someone gets shot. This is especially true when it comes to how many shots are fired.

Shoot in Back

Is it legal to shoot someone in the back?

You've seen it a hundred times.

Two men walk to the center of a dusty street, guns slung low on their leg. They stand about 20 paces apart, staring each other down with a steely gaze. Their fingers twitch in anticipation. Then it happens.

The bad guy goes for his gun. He draws and fires with an evil smile on his face.

But wait! The good guy isn't hurt. He's faster on the draw and a better shot. The bad guy missed and he's the one who's shot. Slowly and dramatically, he falls to the ground.

Survey Results

Concealed Carry Survey Results

Earlier this month, we conducted an informal survey of our members and newsletter subscribers to learn about the concealed carry habits of average gun owners.

The results were interesting.

Do you have a concealed carry license?

  • Yes - 89.5%
  • No - 9.9%
  • No Responses - < 1%

Nothing unusual here. We expected that most people taking the survey would have a CCW permit.

How often do you carry a firearm?

Favorite Blogs

Our favorite blogs on gun and self defense law

We try to keep you informed by publishing information about the laws of self defense here on our blog. But you might be wondering, "What blogs do you Second Call Defense guys read?"

That's a good question. There are tons of great sites out there with interesting news and commentary, but here are some of our favorites:

Member Training

Ultimate Member training in lethal force

On June 25, 2014, we held a private training session in Westerville, OH for Ultimate Members only.

Sean Maloney, our resident legal guru and founding partner of Second Call Defense, presented Lethal Force & the Law – 5 Universal Concepts Every Gun Owner MUST Understand.

This was one of three topics we developed for our 2014 seminars. It proved to be a standing-room-only topic in Indianapolis, so we decided to share it with our Ultimate Members as well.

Warning Shots

New Florida law makes warning shots legal

On June 27, 2014, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law a bill making it legal in some situations to fire a warning shot if you feel threatened.

According to WPTV in West Palm Beach, "The bill was inspired by the case of Marissa Alexander, a Jacksonville woman who faces 60 years in prison for firing a warning shot during a domestic dispute."

5th Amendment

5th Amendment Update: Why silence is no longer golden

by Sean Maloney, Esq.

Nearly 70 years ago, Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson wrote in Watts v. Indiana: "[A]ny lawyer worth his salt will tell the suspect in no uncertain terms to make no statement to police under any circumstances."