Shot Through Door

Your Tactical Training Scenario- Shot Through the Door

by Greg Ellifritz

Recently, I was reading some of the court documents regarding the Jayme Closs kidnapping. If you are unfamiliar with what happened, a man saw 13-year old Jayme Closs getting off the school bus one day. He decided that he had to have this girl. Later that night, he appeared on Jayme’s parents’ front porch. When Jayme’s father looked out the door peephole, the kidnapper shot him through the door with a shotgun.

End Up In Jail

Five Reasons Why A Law-Abiding Gun Owner Could End Up In Jail

by David Pugh

Reason #1: Bad Guys Lie

It’s very rare that a bad guy will tell the truth after an incident. When the police show up, you’ll tell the police the real story of how you defended yourself or your loved ones, and the bad guy will tell a story about the crazy person with a gun who attacked them.

Reason #2: You Didn’t Know the Law

Shaking Hands

Your Tactical Training Scenario - Shaking Hands

by Greg Ellifritz

You are out shopping one night in an area with lots of pedestrian traffic, bars, restaurants, and stores. A drunken man approaches you and engages you in an argument, walking away after taking a swing (that didn’t connect) at you. The drunk reappears about 15 minutes later. He apologizes for his conduct and extends his hand to shake. Do you take his hand or refuse to shake?

First Aid Training

Why Gun Owners Should Get Tactical First Aid Training

If you own a gun, especially if it's for self defense, you should seek training to become proficient in the use of firearms. But there's another kind of training you should have as well: tactical first aid.

Why? Because inherent in any self defense situation is the possibility that you will be shot, stabbed, or otherwise face life-threatening injuries.

What's the good of having the tools and training to use a firearm to defend your life if you die moments later as a result of the attack?

Self Defense Stories

Stories of Armed Self Defense

courtesy of American Rifleman

Sitting at home, a couple was in the living room when they heard loud banging on their kitchen door. Going to investigate, the woman’s husband went to the other room and saw a young man hitting the door while demanding to see a girlfriend.

Training Scars

Training Scars

by Greg Ellifritz

Training scars...we all have them.

I’m not talking about training scars like the black eye you get when your partner goes a little too hard while sparring or the scars you get when you cut your finger trying to quickly open your fighting knife. The training scars I’m talking about are the unintentional bad habits you have acquired during the course of your training.

All You Have

All you have is all you have

by Drew Beatty

When it comes to a deadly force encounter, a perfect response isn’t among your menu choices. You will likely have very few choices at all in anything that happens, because if you are being attacked you are already behind the curve and are reacting rather than acting. So the choices you’ve made beforehand had better count.

Low Light

A Shot in the Dark

by Drew Beatty

Criminals like the dark. It hides their behavior and gives them an advantage to exploit over their victims. It is entirely possible that, if you ever face a critical incident, it could be at night, or at least low light. Have you ever practiced shooting in total darkness? What are the differences between shooting in broad daylight and shooting at night? I can tell you that there are stark differences.