Your membership in Second Call Defense provides 4 layers of comprehensive protection

Second Call Defense pioneered the "Rapid Response" concept, offering legal and financial protection IMMEDIATELY after you use a gun in self defense. And while others seek to copy our system, no one comes close to the comprehensive 4 layers of protection we offer.

LEGAL PROTECTION - comprehensive "all-in-one" protection against civil and criminal prosecution

FINANCIAL SUPPORT - up-front money, no out-of-pocket costs, nothing to repay

RAPID RESPONSE - immediate real-time assistance by legal defense experts

TRAINING & EDUCATION - expert information on legally exercising your Second Amendment right

There are cheaper plans. There are plans that give you more "goodies" when you sign up. But there is nothing more complete.

PLEASE NOTE: Some protection is better than no protection, so we'd rather see you sign up with another organization than have no protection at all. However, we feel it is our obligation make this clear: if you're not a member of Second Call Defense, you're NOT fully protected after using a firearm to defend yourself. Other options are a compromise.

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