Criminal Self Image

Criminals think of themselves as "good people"

Recently we discussed how criminals don't think the way ordinary people do. According to Stanton E. Samenow Ph.D., criminals think in stark, black and white terms that leave no room for reason, negotiation, empathy for victims.

To follow up on this idea, here's another somewhat startling observation: many criminals actually view themselves as good people despite their bad actions.

Criminal Thinking

CAUTION: Criminals don't think like you do!

by Dean Rieck

A couple years ago, I attended a 3-day handgun class at Tactical Defense Institute in West Union, Ohio. One of the many ideas that stuck with me was what the training center's owner, John Benner, said in the classroom portion of the training:

"Criminals don't think like you or me. Their minds work differently. They want what they want and all you are to them is an object in their way."

Riots and Mobs

Escaping from Riots and Flash Mobs

by Greg Ellifritz

I've read some articles by various "tactical gurus" advising that if people get caught up in a riot or confronted by looters, they should start cutting throats and shooting everyone in the face with their 9mm pistols to facilitate escape. There's certainly a time and place for such actions, but if you are smart, it will never come down to that. Let me share some of my experiences….

Vote Sean Maloney

Vote Sean Maloney for NRA Board of Directors

Sean Maloney, co-founder of Second Call Defense, is seeking election to the NRA Board of Directors.

If you are an NRA voting member, you should have already received your ballots. We ask that you VOTE FOR SEAN MALONEY.

Endorsements include Buckeye Firearms Association, Soldier of Fortune Magazine, Ohio Gun Collectors Association, Dick Heller (DC vs. Heller), The Colorado Second Amendment Association, Laura Carno (Founder, I Am Created Equal), and Timothy Knight (Founder, of the Colorado Recall).

Killing is Homicide

Killing in Self Defense IS Homicide

Here's a fact many gun owners have a hard time understanding: when you take someone's life, even if you do it in self defense, it is considered a "homicide."

But isn't self defense a time-honored right of every individual? Yes.

Self defense is a natural right. If someone threatens you with death or great bodily harm, you have the right to defend yourself, and that includes using deadly force. This right is built in to our laws.

Carry Enough Gun

How to know if you carry "enough gun" to face any threat

by Greg Ellifritz

Last week, I [wrote about] a news article describing the guns used by the terrorists in the recent attacks in France. Here's an excerpt from my commentary on the article:

Your First Gun

10 other things to do when you buy your first gun

Americans love guns. Depending on what survey you look at, anywhere from 20% to 50% of U.S. residents have at least one gun in their home.

But Americans are also more in love with the hardware than in training, laws, or safety. Too many people buying a gun for self defense, make the purchase, take the gun home, put it in a drawer, and never touch it again until their life is on the line.

Unarmed and Dangerous

Does unarmed mean not dangerous?

If you've been following the continuing story of the police officer who shot a teenager in Ferguson Missouri, you will have noticed a theme that runs through all the reporting, even in conservative media where reporters generally align with self-defense rights.

The theme is summed up in one word: unarmed.

Here are just a few random examples from among thousand of references online, on TV, and in print news:

Gun Control Myths

5 Common Gun Control Myths

If you've ever talked about guns or concealed carry with a group of people, you've probably encountered that one person who tried to convince everyone that guns are evil and do more harm than good.

Typically, it's someone who doesn't own a gun, has never shot a gun, and knows next to nothing about guns outside of what they've seen in movies and TV shows. The myths they've come to believe are not just incorrect, but wildly wrong and almost always originate with professional gun control fanatics.