Essential Range Equipment

Essential Personal Protection Equipment for the Range

by Drew Beatty

Thousands of articles have been written about essential range safety equipment, but it is always worth reviewing again. If you spend any time shooting recreationally, ear protection and eye protection are essential, and some other personal safety items are strongly recommended.

Hollow Point Ammunition

Why Hollow Point Ammunition is the Safer Choice

by Drew Beatty

Hollow point ammunition is often vilified by politicians and the media. Many of you are likely old enough to remember the attacks on Winchester Black Talon hollow point ammunition in the 1990s, which was designed with law enforcement needs in mind. News reports suggested that we should all be very afraid of this ammunition, as if the manufacturers were horrible mad scientists obsessed with killing and causing bodily damage.

Bad Carry Habits

3 Bad Concealed Carry Habits

by Trent Marsh

Carry a defensive weapon often enough and you will develop habits. Some good, some bad.

The single greatest advantage the concealed carrier has is the element of surprise. A hostile party who is unaware of a concealed weapon is unlikely to prepare for a defensive retaliation. Sadly, many inexperienced or uneducated carriers engage in activities that give away their defensive weapon.

Pistol Shooting Stances

3 Common Pistol Shooting Stances

by Drew Beatty

Shooting a handgun is an individual pursuit. Individuals have many different body shapes, sizes, and arm and leg lengths. What works well for one person may not work well for another. Also, different situations or terrain might require different stances or methods to put accurate shots on target, like shooting around or over obstacles and cover. This article describes three common handgun shooting stances and outlines the specifics of each stance.

One-Handed Shooting

Do You Practice One-Handed Shooting?

by Drew Beatty

While at a live fire training class, one of the live fire drills was one-handed shooting at an IPSC torso target at 12 feet. I produced a reasonably tight fist-sized pattern on the target. The young man next to me in line asked, "Do you practice one handed?" My answer was, "Yes, of course I do."

Order of Operations

The Order of Operations for Personal Self Defense

by Drew Beatty

In mathematics, "order of operations" refers to a specific application of rules or tasks that must be used in sequence to solve equations. There is also an order of operations for the approach to personal self-defense. And almost all of us do it out of order.

Guns for Christmas

Why You Should Exchange the (wrong) Gun You Got for Christmas

by Rob Morse

Our friends meant well when they got us a gun for Christmas, but lots of Christmas gifts don't fit their recipient. I've several sweaters that are the wrong color and wrong size. Like a sweater, a firearm has to fit you, so don't be shy about returning the gun you got for Christmas if it isn't the right gun for you. A firearm is as personal as a pair of shoes. Finding the right fit is hard to do. Sometimes we are partially to blame.

Dry Fire Drills

Enhance Your Pistol Skills with 3 Dry Fire Practice Drills

by Drew Beatty

Dry fire practice — the practice of firing a firearm without ammunition — is an essential part of your handgun shooting skill development. Most modern pistols can be dry fired thousands of times without issue. It's inexpensive, it takes recoil out of the equation, and it's easy to do at home. While it's not as exciting as live fire, there are some key fundamental skills you can enhance with dry fire practice.

First, a reminder about the four rules of gun safety:

Self Defense Class

The First Steps are the Biggest: Your First Self-Defense Class

by Rob Morse

You signed up for your first self-defense class. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the new ideas. Here is a review of what you'll learn, and what you'll need to unlearn.


You thought safety was for beginners. Firearms safety is a lifelong skill for both beginners and professionals. We simply hold the professionals to a higher standard of performance.